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Prime Capital Group's investor services provide strategic advisory services on identifying and implementing strategies to maximize shareholder value

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In a long term client relationship our partners act as a sounding board in early assessment of corporate and investment considerations. We also provide independent advice in a range of speciality situations drawing on sound judgement, experience and professional know-how. We also provide early guidance in identifying hidden value creation opportunities, act as honest broker in go-in-between roles, provide fairness opinions and other reports and act as discrete counterparty in special situations. Our services embrace but are not limited to the following:

  • Evaluation, testing or setting of corporate strategy, business unit strategy and Key Performance Indicators
  • Strategy development and validation, market entry strategies, new product development strategy, distribution and customer service strategies
  • Industry analysis – the present state and future prospects
  • Market segments, size and growth potential
  • Target market analysis
  • Competiton analysis
  • Customer segmentation analysis
  • Demand driver dynamics and their implications
  • Competitive landscape – customers, competitors, suppliers
  • Service and product differentiation
  • Selecting a new business model for market entry
  • Industry regulation and taxation
  • Analysis of market entry options, such as greenfield projects, acquisitions, joint ventures or partnerships
  • Estimates on investments and returns
  • Development of detailed implementation plans based on selected options
  • Demand and revenue analysis to validate growth plans, pricing strategies and scenario analysis
  • Feasabiliy analysis on major strategic investment decisions including R&D, capital investments
  • Customer/consumer analysis, consumer segmentation and identification of key trends and buyer behaviours
  • Benchmark analysis on a company’s activities to determine its competitive position in the industry
  • Business modelling and capital optimization services
  • Operational Assessment and Improvement
  • Process Analysis and Design
  • Operating Model Design
  • Revenue Growth Modelling
  • Working Capital Management
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Fairness Opinions
  • 100 day business value creation plans
  • Advising clients on equity positioning
  • Advising companies on capital allocation strategies
  • Independent Board Memberships

In addition to the services described above, we also have a team along with our other international partners dedicated to providing comprehensive debt advisory management services to our clients, including structuring, negotiating and executing amendments, tender offers, exchange offers and consent solicitations (click here for Project Finance & Debt Advisory capabilities).


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